Meet  Miguel

He manages a food business.

He thinks the recession is lasting way too long.

He needs to boost sales, but doesn’t know how.

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He doesn’t want to spend money on advertising

But he doesn’t want to stand by and twiddle his thumbs either. He wants to show that his products are great, and that he can compete among the best.

We went to meet him. We listened to him and spoke to his clients

Then we set to work.

Now Miguel’s happy

The results are in, and sales are on the up.

Now he can say:

Good-bye, advertising. Hello, results!

And always theres is a good coffe for friends

For those who decide not to remain with their arms crossed and looking for new alternatives to boost their businesses. Customers, who do not want a simple promotion but looking for results. Thank you for trusting us.

deOtraForma, S.L.


Cabrales 1 · Planta 3

33201 · Gijón · Asturias · Spain

Phone: 00 34 984 049 088


Plaza de Tuy 2

28029 · Madrid · Spain

Phone: 00 34 984 049 088

If you’d like to get in touch:

Would you like to work with us? 

Get in touch. Tell us what you do, what you’d like to do and, if you’re really good, we’ll find you a position.

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